short stories, Ernest Hemingway,

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Sally and Other Stories is a collection of short stories encompassing a spectrum of conflicts that explore themes as diverse as despair, frustration, angst, panic, the supernatural, dislocation, sexual dysfunction, alcoholism,and  prostitution.

Granville Henry, for which the author was nominated for the prestigious Kirkwood Prize, is about a dairy-farmer turned soldier dealing with his fears in the jungles of Vietnam. Fly Like a Bird explores the struggles of a former guerrilla, spy, and killer’s relationship with his homosexual son. House of Pain poignantly expresses an old fighter’s toughest fight–that is, the fight with impending death. Dark Laughter takes on the paranormal amid the ravages of alcoholism. Lloyd focuses on the life of a young man growing up in a tough Depression Era town in Washington State. In Flashback, the protagonists discovers that  “oftentimes you have to pay good money to go there, just so you can find out that you don’t want to be there after all.”

Sally and Other Stories transports the reader to places otherwise not encountered. The book has wings. Fly it and see where it takes you.

“These stories had a profound effect on me. “Dark Laughter in particular caused my body to shiver. Not in a manner that would allow another to notice but an internal quake; as if my shoulder was cold. Just a couple of words on paper and it felt so real. I look forward to reading more in their future.”
—Brianna Morgan

“His pinpoint descriptions of events allows for the feeling that one can join him on his journey. Cook’s way of leaving emotions open to interpretation, while carefully leading you through his stories, makes it nearly impossible to lose inters or feel disconnected…”
—Adam Kijak